Psychoactive Drug Project - PSA
Psychoactive drugs are a part of our lives. Whether we acquire them over the counter, from a doctor’s prescription, illegally, or otherwise, they have an impact by helping or hindering our health and performance.

What you will do:
1. Decide to work alone or with one partner. No groups of three.

2. Choose a drug from the list below (we will draw from a hat, once everyone has chosen, you can trade with each other or draw another).

3. You will research the following aspects of your drug: (25 total points for research)
-description, including chemical make up
-how it’s acquired
-slang/street terms
-ways it is ingested
-similar drugs with similar effects
-medicinal use
-psychological effects on the brain (long and short term)
-physiological effects on the body (long and short term)
-duration of psychological and physiological effects
-dependence, both physical and psychological
-one myth that exists about your drug but that is not true

4. Once you are done with your research, you need to create a visual poster (either on poster board or online using or another visual tool) to convey in a serious and academic manner all that you have learned from your research. Your poster must have at least three visual images that depict aspects of your research. (25 points for the poster).

Student Work

Asef - steroids

Alan - opium

Maria - ecstasy

Nathalie - GHB
Tumblr - GHB

Joshi - ketamine

Sandy - clozapine

Zach - ecstasy

Darrian - thalidomide

Kayla - rohypnol

Joyce - oxycontin

Rodney - crack

Teresa - caffeine
Caffeine Tumblr

Janice and Meg - meth

Abdelhak - nicotine

Mary - amphetamines

Livia - barbiturates

Johnny - codeine

Marissa - depresseants

Jacob - marijuana

Chuckie - hashish

Danielle - meth

Jess and Laura - poster