AP Psychology Summer 2017 Assignment


Welcome to AP Psychology! The goal of this course is to prepare you to take and pass the Advanced Placement Psychology Exam in May 2018. Due to the enormous breadth of the curriculum to be tested, it is very difficult to cover everything before next May. Therefore over the summer it is necessary that we begin the introductory chapter of the curriculum. Your assignment for this summer is the following, DUE THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS, NO EXCEPTIONS:

1 Preview: what is psychology? Why are you taking this course? In one to two TYPED paragraphs, define what you think psychology is, why it is useful to study, and what you hope to gain from this course.

2 Read and mark up the following SEVEN scholarly articles. As part of your mark ups, you must also add thoughtful and insightful comments, connections and questions (CCQs). Be prepared for a discussion and quiz on these articles on the first day. You can mark them up electronically or print out copies of the articles and mark them up on paper.

3 PsychSim5 – Psychology’s Timeline: Go to the following website tutorial:

PsychSim 5: Psychology's Timeline

*Note: if that link doesn't work, go to this website:
Then on the right hand side, click on the heading that says "PsychSim Tutorials" and then find the tutorial called Psychology's Timeline

After completing the simulation, answer the attached questions. *DO NOT USE THE EMAIL IT TO YOUR TEACHER BUTTON, THE LINK DOESN'T WORK*

4. Read and mark up the article “Top Ten Myths About the Brain” by Laura Helmuth.
Pick one myth from this article to research in more detail.
You will present your research findings on this brain myth in September to the class. You may choose any format to present your findings, such as but not limited to:
  • Technology presentation (Powerpoint, Google slides, Glogster, Prezi, Wikispaces, etc)
  • Visual presentation (poster, cartoon, comic, etc)
  • Written presentation (paper, article, etc)

5 Revisit your Preview (#1 at the top of the assignment list). After you have completed all of your reading and written assignments for your summer work, go back and answer any of the questions you had initially. Write your new responses and additions in another color. What do you think psychology is now?

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Don't procrastinate and good luck! Feel free to email me (apember@maldenps.org ) over the summer for questions or concerns.