Unit 11 - Testing and Individual Differences - pages 523-556

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APA Content Standard Area: Intelligence

After concluding this unit, students understand:
1. Perspectives on intelligence
2. Assessment of intelligence
3. Issues in intelligence
Content Standard 1: Perspectives on intelligence
1.1 Discuss intelligence as a general factor.
1.2 Discuss alternative conceptualizations of intelligence.
1.3 Describe the extremes of intelligence.
Content Standard 2: Assessment of intelligence
2.1 Discuss the history of intelligence testing, including historical use and misuse in the context of fairness.
2.2 Identify current methods of assessing human abilities.
2.3 Identify measures of and data on reliability and validity for intelligence test scores.
Content Standard 3: Issues in intelligence 

3.1 Discuss issues related to the consequences of intelligence testing.
3.2 Discuss the influences of biological, cultural, and environmental factors on intelligence

Key Terms

Intelligence test intelligence
General intelligence (g) factor analysis
Savant syndrome emotional intelligence
Mental age Stanford-Binet
IQ (intelligence quotient) achievement tests
Aptitude tests Stereotype threat
Standardization normal curve
Reliability validity
Content validity predictive validity
Intellectual disability Down Syndrome
WAIS (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale)

Journal - beginning of unit

PsychSim - Get Smart

MENSA quiz
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Multiple Intelligences Survey

What is your strongest intelligence?

Battle of the Brains

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Pygmalion Effect - power of labels and expectations

Analytic (g) - know definitions
Practical- how can what we learned be applied to real world - imagine you are a test-maker...how would you use at least two terms to make a good test
Creative - what original thoughts or ideas could you come up with that relate to terms
Could you create your own intelligence test? What would you include?

Pressures of the SAT
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Human Intelligence website

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